Location and Statistics

LOCATION 1: Central Woodward – 13th and Oklahoma Avenue (click the address)– This sign is an 8′ X 16′ and is the only 12mm(denotes clarity) billboard within 500 miles. Pixel size is 720X336. The address is 1221 Oklahoma Avenue in Woodward.  It is double sided, one side facing West and one side facing East.  2 way traffic count(views for both sides) for this location = 18,700 vehicles a day, 561,000 vehicles per month and 6,825,500 per year.  Average people per car is 1.5 people 18+ years of age, traffic at this location delivers approximately 10,238,250 views in one year(2 way views).  For specific views for your ad please ask!

LOCATION 2: HWY 270 (click the address) as you are entering Woodward on right side of road between Peak Completion and Clayton Propane.  Our14′ X 48′ Digital Billboard is located on HWY 270/183, right read, as you are entering Woodward.  Pixel size is 1536 X 422. The traffic count for west bound traffic was 66,454 vehicles per for the month July 2015.  The average number of people per vehicle in the 18+ age group is 1.5 .This location also can provide 1 static billboard (left read as you are leaving woodward) for 1 customer.  Call for details! Thank you for visiting our small business!